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Mr. Rusconi's Biology Projects

This page will contain several Biology projects created in Weblogo

These projects will be organized by student commitment level

  1. Use : Project 1 Co evolution of Giraffes and Acacia Trees (Posted)
  2. Modify: Project 2 Habitat Fragmentation (in Development)
  3. Create

Grade level: Junior High- High School

Subject: Biology

Learning goal(s): The students will understand and predict the results of directions selection and explain how organisms co-evolve

Assessment: (how will students demonstrate that they've met the learning goals?): Students will brain storm and propose modifications to program 

What will students do during the activity? Use, modify or create?
 Use with adjustments in parameters, possibly modify underlying blocks if time and interest allow.
Describe how the activity will enable students to meet the learning goals and prepare them for the assessment: 
How long will the activity take? Core experience is 1 class period (30-40 minutes). Extensions vary depending on depth of the project.
Project link: 

Co-evolution Giraffes and Acacia Trees

Giraffe image
Giraffes and acacia trees

In this project students will observe the effects of natural selection for height in both acacia trees and giraffes. In this simulation there and no negative consequences to increase height. Students will be asked to predict the results of natural selection. Like the real world both species produce offspring that are roughly the same height of the parents give or take one unit. Giraffes must eat or starve to death. Low level leaves are available to everyone where high elevation leaves are only available to the tallest giraffes. Students are expected to predict how evolution will proceed. 


  1. Do you expect there to be more short giraffes or tall giraffes after 1 minute
  2. What about after 5 minute
  3. In the real worls is there a limit on possible height to the giraffes
  4. In the real world is there a limit on possible height to the leaves


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Great visual of animal survival.

eabarron 10 years, 6 months ago

Your comment on graphing is right on target. Great simulation.

char 10 years, 6 months ago

I'm looking forward to seeing the code for your project.

whuangpha 10 years, 6 months ago

Nice story-telling activity!

shanleeliu 10 years, 6 months ago